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Your Partner In Financial Success

At Kowitz Financial Group, we are serious about understanding your goals, your values, and your lifestyle. When you join the Kowitz Financial family we will start with a wide-ranging discussion about your life destination and how you can get there. Here is the process we will go through together:

Initial Interview. We ask you many questions about your business, financial, and personal situation. We talk about what you are currently doing and discuss your short-term and long-term goals. We will also talk about issues from retirement and estate planning to college funding and insurance coverage, and determine your tolerance for risk.

Plan of Service. Based on our discussions, we develop a list of recommendations designed to guide you in reaching your goals. Depending on the complexity of the recommendations, we’ll hold up to three meetings to discuss them.

Creating Your Plan. Once we agree on the recommendations, Kowitz Financial uses that as the basis for crafting a comprehensive financial plan.

Taking Action. As full-service wealth managers, we implement your financial plan using strategies based on your individual needs.

Monitor and Adjust. Once the plan is in full swing, we regularly monitor your results and watch for economic or market changes that affect any aspect of the plan. We then adjust your plan as needed.

Working Together. It’s vital for us to maintain regular contact with you. We’ll hold regular meetings—at the time interval most comfortable for you—in which we review your plan and your investment results, and also discuss any changes in your life that may require adjusting your plan.